The heading on my website claims: Pete Hobbie, A lifelong woodworker, but that's only part of the story. In truth, all my life I've had a need to build things. It just happens that wood has been my most prevalent medium.

Completed spoons made by Pete Hobbie Woodworks

I can remember, as a small boy, putting together 2 boards and having an airplane. Sticks quickly became boats, bows, and swords. My friends and I always built everything from tree houses to fishing poles.

As I grew up, I really built, or at least had a part in, all of those things. I've made boats, bowls, bows, and houses. Anything that I thought of: guitars and banjos, barns and bridges. While it's more than a little disconcerting, I've always felt lucky to be alive in a time where, at least in the culture I am part of, a person can still build a good life by building things with his or her hands.

Pete Hobbie Woodworks workshop view

I remember both of my grandfathers and my father making the things they needed as opposed to buying stuff. They would not be called craftsmen by any means, but if they needed a shelf or a tool handle they thought no further than making their own. I have taken that to heart in my life by building tools, my home, a family, and last but not least, music.

Building a life has been, for me, more than the making of things. My family builds our own food, our medicine, and our entertainment. None of us have really been watchers.

So welcome to this website. Here you will see me sharing some of my passions while being led, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. Maybe I can inspire you to build something.

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